West Virginia Bigfoot Museum

With the recent opening of the West Virginia Bigfoot Museum, some local cryptozoologists generously donated some of their plaster castings of alleged bigfoot tracks. By very nature these objects are rare, valuable, and fragile, so the museum was interested in having me scan and replicate their collection, similar to dinosaur fossils. I used a special setup with my camera to take hundreds of photos from every angle, which I then processed with Agisoft Metashape. This gave me accurate 3D models of each cast which I could then clean up with Blender and 3D print at full scale on my Ender 3 v2. Many required printing in multiple pieces, with the largest being split into 4 sections.

Aside from making museum replicas, I also modified these files to make more stylized versions to use as keychains, magnets, and jewelry. These were printed on my Elegoo Mars, and I also designed and made packaging, labels, and a display stand for the museum gift shop. I was also hired to make websites for both the museum and the adjoining Mountain Laurel Country Store.

Both the cast replicas and gift shop items can be purchased at the WV Bigfoot Museum, both in-store and online (coming soon).