Shadowed Hills Collection

“The culture of West Virgina isn’t all just mountains and forests—it has a dark side, too. This is exemplified in the Shadowed Hills Collection, all from West Virginian authors. Explore the hidden darkness of the Mountain State with this varied collection, ranging from poetry to fiction to folklore.”

I put together a collection of books from West Virginian authors with dark themes. I made custom covers for three of them: Act of Darkness by John Peale Bishop, Azrael on the Mountain by Victor Depta, and Dark and Bloodied Ground by Mary Eastman & Mary Bolté.

Inspired by the album art for Port of Morrow by The Shins, I wanted the covers to have a rough, smoky feel, drawing the eye to the sun or moon atop a hill. The covers needed to be unique, yet similar enough to show they’re part of a series. Each has a unique mountain range with something distinct relating to that particular book, and the skylines all connect no matter the order or orientation.